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    •  ICON 2014

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    Plagiarism checking is now active

    Please be aware that TextRoad Press now checks ALL submitted manuscripts for plagiarism. We use iThenticate as the most powerful plagiarism detector, the leading edge CrossCheck system.

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    • Vision

      To publish descriptions of all basic and applied sciences and researches having an important value worldwide. Our journals publish peer-reviewed original research, critical reviews or short communications in all aspects of basic, applied and advanced research in sciences and technology. This will include: Agriculture, Biological and Chemical Sciences, Health and Life Sciences, information Technology, Zoology, Humanity, Geology, Social and Applied Sciences, etc....

    • Mission

      TEXTROAD journals provide free access to worldwide quality research publications. Our program presents a rapid time possible for reviewing and publishing. TEXTROAD journalsare well indexed in the world’s most known databases. Our editorial team members are of different parts of the world and are highly qualified in reviewing articles and preparing them to be published....

    • Goals

      The ultimate goals of TEXTROAD journals are to help scientists and researchers (especially those are from developing countries) publish their recent findings in our scientific journals. Moreover, we offer scientific, technical and consultation services to the publishing services....